40 Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper for PC and iPhone

christmas wallpaper

You may be really surprised, but the beautiful Christmas wallpaper that you use on your desktop has much to say about your personality. Your desktop wallpaper is not just something that makes you feel festive and at home. There’s more than meets the eye. Even if you don’t realize why you put up a specific wallpaper, there are still underlying reasons that explain why exactly you used that particular wallpaper.

Christmas Tree HDR

30 Bright Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas (Pictures)

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romantic love wallpapers

25 Astonishing Love Wallpapers for Valentine’s Day

Only a few days have been left until the most romantic holidays – Valentine’s Day. Soon everywhere around you will listen John Paul Young’s song – Love Is In The Air. It is the last time to make changes at your workplace to make mood more romantic. If you most…
restaurant bar logo

27 Delicious Restaurant Logo Design that will Inspire you

In restaurant and bar business perfectly created logo can have a big impact on business potential. When we think of the giants of the industry: McDonalds, Starbucks etc, we visually remember it's identity - the logo. To create cool logo for restaurant must take into account many factors: represent the…
hand drawn website design

25 Creative Solutions for Websites Using Hand-Drawn Elements

I love hand-drawn website design. Websites that use this form of web creation are so unusual and attracts my attention. Moreover, the design used in large typography or hand drawing people. Today Hand drawing in website design is still trend despite the fact that recently websites tries to be more…

20 Amazing Iphone 5S Retina Wallpapers

It may be hard to get hold of pixel-perfect wallpapers because of the resolution of the display, since many iPhone 5 owners may know. So that they fit nicely it’s also advisable to own wallpapers that are sized correctly. Therefore here are an accumulation of some amazing iPhone 5 wallpapers…
topiary animals

24 Amazing Garden Topiary Sculptures

Topiary is the art of creating fantastic shapes by clipping and trimming and directing the growth of woody plants outdoors. It is one of the oldest forms of art. Unlike traditional artists to create magnificent topiary sculpture all you need are a few simple materials and a vining houseplant. The…